Top Indian news channels fake news

Top Indian news channels fake news

What is Fake News

Fake news is a false, sometimes sensational report, that has been created to meditate, mislead, deceive or harm a reputation. Contrary to incorrect information, which is wrong because a reporter has confused the facts, fake news is intended to manipulate a person or something.In this post, I will tell you something similar “Top Indian news channels fake news”

In the month of March, the Fake News Industry is quite busy. Many bogus statements were broadcast, communal incidents were viral on social media and the mainstream media made many ridiculous mistakes.

The news of this month’s biggest news related to Fake News was the postcard news admin’s arrest. His arrest took place when he was caught in a communally inflammatory message shared with his portal. Let’s take a look at the online news feeds that came online in the month of March.

Here is the list Top Indian news channels fake news

Postcard News posted a false message of attack on Jain saint by a Muslim boy

“It is a sad news that yesterday a Muslim boy attacked a Jain Muni in Karnataka.Those communally sensitive people shared this news with the spread of news.One of them was Mahesh Vikram Hegde, who is the admin of the postcard news.When Alt News confirmed that Jain Muni was hit due to a road accident then the Karnataka police came to the movement and arrested Hegde.

 Aaj Tak and ABP incorrect reporting of Jharkhand Rajya Sabha results,

Aaj Tak, and ABP News, while reporting incorrect information from Jharkhand, the BJP has won both the Rajya Sabha seats from Jharkhand.Actually, both the Congress and the BJP had won one seat each from Jharkhand in the Rajya Sabha.

The news that Narendra Modi is the world’s second most corrupt prime minister is fake

A list was being shared on social media, according to which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is second among the world’s most corrupt prime ministers.This list was told of the world’s most corrupt prime ministers.

The top name on that list was of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is third on the list.Vladimir Putin of Russia is third on the list. Vladimir Putin of Russia is third on the list.

Along with this list, many more lists like ‘The World’s Most Corrupt Political Family’ and ‘The World’s Most Corrupt Political Parties’ have been posted on this website.Fake news like this is being posted for a long time. The information shared on this website is completely baseless And the supporters and opposition of many political parties use it for their political propaganda.

 Fake Facebook profile of NCC cadets interviewed by ANI happened virally on social media

ANI reported a response to Rahul Gandhi’s statement of an NCC cadre in Mysore. After that, news spread on social media very soon that Sanjana Singh, who responded to Rahul Gandhi, is a member of ABVP. ABVP is a student organization of the Sangh Parivar.

The girl who was making screenshots viral by calling NCC cadet Sanjana Singh, Alt News searched for her Facebook profile.Then the Alt News compared the photograph of the cadet who had interviewed the ANI and whose photo was viral. It was known that both of them were different persons of the same name. That is, the news being viral was false.

Aaj Tak and Republic TV misinterpreted Delhi High Court verdict in case of AAP legislators

Breaking News is a disease that causes TV news channels to be embarrassed often because some channels are unable to verify its factual aspect in the hurry to show news first.

The Delhi High Court was listening to the case of suspension in AAP legislators’ office of profit. In their decision, the court canceled their suspension and restored them. But Republic TV and Aaj Tak reported exactly the opposite of him

 In the case of the Nirbhaya, the fake photo of the minor offender was broadcast on social media and Whatsapp

“2013 Nirbhaya gangrape’s minor criminal has disappeared and working in a hotel in south India”, the message was filled with complete social media. This message was a photo of a boy who was being told of that criminal. This message became Whatsapp and viral on another platform. But this photo does not belong to that minor offender, reports Alt News.

That photo is taken from the twitter account @anehabheti, which is called Mohammad Afroz. This is not the account of that criminal

Article source- Alt news

So it was some, top Indian news channels fake news. Which became very viral in social media. You people also avoid such a fake news and check before sharing them that this is true or false.


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