English quotes for WhatsApp status

English quotes  WhatsApp status

English quotes for WhatsApp status

I am sharing some English quotes WhatsApp status here, which you would like to read and you can also apply it to your Watsap Status.

Where our selfish ends … That’s what our humanity begins to do

Regardless of the circumstances, if the person is determined in the mind then there is no problem.

Those who believe in the ability of their steps, they often reach the floor

  English quotes  WhatsApp status

Fate is also for those who do not have hands.

If you work for happiness then you will not be happy, but if you work happily then happiness will definitely be found.

English quotes  WhatsApp status

Stop seeing the others inverse, first bury your own mistakes.

Struggle strengthens man! Even if no matter how weak they are.

defeated in the field, can still win, but the mentally lost man can never win.

 English quotes  WhatsApp status

All lessons are not available in books; Some lessons also teach life.

If you have the strong grip on the circumstances, those who are poisonous cannot spoil anything.

Destiny also gives courage to the courageous people.

The good time comes. But it comes at the right time.

Life’s length no matters really matters is life depth

English quotes WhatsApp status

As long as we know what life is, this half is finished.

If you can not afford to eat 100 people, at least give one

It is the biggest disease to do nothing for anybody.”

Some people are like a lesson in your life, so some people like blessings. ”

English quotes  WhatsApp status


If you can control the basket, then you can keep all the eggs in the same basket.

Never be afraid to do new things in life. ”

People work better when they know what the goal is and why.

If you are not failing in any work, then you are not inventing new things from you. ”

English quotes  WhatsApp status

“Always choose the right path in life and always turn in that direction which seems right to you.”

“Think today and start working immediately.

English quotes  WhatsApp status


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